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Original Post:
by: AleksJohn on May 20, 2016

Last year my grandma passed away...and in the past three nights, I keep having dreams about her funeral. It's always a different type of funeral. The first one was very extravagent, with everyone dressed up as they would if they were going to a dance ball. At one point, my grandma came back to life so she could change into a fancier dress for her coffin.

The second funeral, my family was once again, dressed up, but this time in all black. And her funeral was at the beach. Her coffin was being pulled into the ocean by a car. And we just all watched it sink, mourning.

The third funeral was just a normal funeral, and I almost can't remember the details, but I remember feeling the pain of her passing away. But I do remember that there was 3 black cats following me, but then they suddenly disappeared.

If someone can please help me out, and figure out what this means. Thank you.