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Original Post:
by: valeera on Dec 24, 2015

hello guys I am new to tarot readings. I have just bought a tarot deck and wanted to give it a try.
the first question I had in mind was, 'are paganism and tarot reading the right path for me?' . so I have tried one of the spreads from the book.(I havent perform a ritual to personnalize the deck as the book suggested.) so the book says that this spread is used to analyze a situation.
1 5 3

first card:what is appropriate for the who seeks consult.
second card: what is not appropriate.
third card: the crucial point of the situation.
fourth card: how is the situation gonna take place
fifth card: the final result.

this is the spread as the book suggest.

so these are the cards that I got:

1. strenght
2. ten of swords
3. judgement
4. king of wands
5. knight of wands

so as I said this was the first time that I used the deck and the first time that I have made a reading. I was surprised that I didnt get any reversed cards.

Can anyone make any further commentary for me?