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Original Post:
by: MamaHearts on Oct 15, 2014

Scrying. What does it bring to mind? Magic mirrors, candles, crystal balls? All of which are great tools to build confidence and skill, but are headly necessary. In fact, these tools when crafted improperly are less useful and even detrimental to the beginer.

Now to clear up some misconceptions.

What is scrying?

Scrying is the act of allowing one's mind to enter a state of awareness that permits images and thoughts to come to the practitioner, these images are used to discern information about situations, people, places, etc. A highly subjective practice at best and one that can be done with little to no material at all.

Why to use tools?

Well, the use of proper tools can fill your space with energy that is conducive to receiving and discerning these messages, allowing them to flow more freely and vividly. These tools also build up expectations and hopes. Both of which, when unfulfilled, can be detrimental to the learning process with scrying. Often people will attempt to scry and become discouraged because they didn't receive anything, when often they simply need more practice and time. In reality, these tools can do the opposite of their intended purpose. They are not an acting medium, that is not their purpose, they are only a focal point, you do NOT need them. With enough practice, you can scry into gumbo, to refrence a popular movie, or thin air.

How to scry?

Scrying can be accomplished by sitting down in a dimly lit room with a small journal and pencil. Choose a focal point and allow yourself to stare at it for a few moments with the intent of being passively aware of your thoughts, feelings, and an imagery you happen to see. Do not expect anything on your first few tries. It can help, for some, to have a question set aside, written on the paper to have a context for the messages you recieve. For some this practice can distract and be counter-productive to the desired mindset. When you have finished take not of all the things you saw and felt and any odd thoughts you had. Do not start interpretting until you have written all these things down.

Hope you enjoyed.