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Original Post:
by: Lovelight97 on Sep 17, 2014

Hey everybody as I am just a noob when it comes to tarot lol I am usually pretty good for a beginner. But a friend asked me for a reading I was happy to oblige.

The person I read for
Aug 3 1989

Deck used rider Waite

Question was " will I pass all screening and tests required to get accepted into the police academy?"
This question was a good challenge so I drew 7 cards from left to right.:)

1. The entrance exam : MAGICIAN
2. The interview : TEMPERANCE
3. The physical exam : JUSTICE/ ( 7 pentacles clarifying this one.. confused here)
5. The mental / emotional testing: 4 swords
6. The final stages: 8 of pentacles
7. The outcome: the chariot

Now my interpretation I's that he had the tools and ability to pass the exam with flying colors and it's up to him to execute them.
In order to pass the physical tests required he must keep any bad habits and thoughts at a balance and exercise to prepare one also the 7 of pentacles after justice is saying if the above mentioned is eliminated then you will surely reap the benefits. :) when pertaining to the mental testing I see that one needs to be calm??, I see that there will be more training as to a project this sounds promisong:) and the outcome let's look at the card he's wearing Armour , in a chariot looks like a cop to me!!

I'd love some other interpretations from experienced individuals

Love and light to all!!