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Original Post:
by: BlackSun777 on Oct 01, 2021

So, I?m looking for spell suggestions to get rid of Anz?. That?s the name I keep getting. When I toured my new apartment, I did not sense anything. But, the week I moved in, I was feeling vibrations dropping all over my city. My friends felt it too, and I believe this is whatever invited him in. At first I just noticed brown energy. I lit a blessing candle and things slightly improved but not really. He goes away with the blessing candle but will come back. Sage also has not worked. I don?t know how he is feeding. His energy went from brown to grey to black, and now I am starting to see apparitions. Feng shui somewhat worked because his energy went back to grey for about a day and a half. I do not know how he is feeding because I meditate on a regular basis to help work through my own issues.

While I am regularly visited by demons, this one does not go away whereas the others do if I just ignore them. Black candles really make him mad I?ve noticed. Something tells me to light 3, but I am wondering if there are any rituals I can pair them with that are specifically tailored to dealing with him? I have also noticed that he is predominantly active only at night.