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Original Post:
by: SpotRun on Dec 07, 2019

So a little background first I have been practicing magic for a few years now and have always found nature to be a powerful method of cleansing yourself of negative energies however lately I have been sensing a build up of negative energy in the forested area near my house where I often walk I?m not sure what this may be as I haven?t experienced anything similar apart from heavily polluted areas although nothing has really changed in my area the negativity feels stagnant and persistent and dosent seem to be disappearing by itself I have done a little research and it may have something to do with energy ley lines but I have no experience with this sort of thing so can?t say for sure does anyone have any knowledge about this and possibly a solution ? I feel like regular cleansing spells will be ineffective due to the large area and my inability to pinpoint where the negativity is building up from

Thanks In advance