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Original Post:
by: Pike on Jul 31, 2019

Hello everyone, I hope all is going well for you.

First , I'd like to say that I need someone else to look at my situation because I feel like I'm too close to it and I'm not sure which way to go. I'd like to say that the situation involves this person who had done me wrong a lot in the past, things got so bad I had to banish them through a spell. The spell caused them to move away to the the exact town/ county I hadn't banished them from. What I mean by this is when I performed the spell at the time I would repeat "I banish (name) from (name of town/county)" after saying the chant I wrote. And each county was the next one after the previous town/county that I had already said I banished them from. Basically it was sort of like making it so they can't be in that town and then this was repeated for the next town after that. Though being merciful I desired that she lived in the same state as me. I of course bound her with around 12 or so gods/goddess not because I needed that many but because I wanted everything taken care of. Thing
is I do readings; tarot , oracle, ect. I did a reading on this person yesterday asking if they are using magick against me, using the Earth Magick oracle card deck, the cards were the Cave (sanctuary) and the Full Moon (completion) which tells me they want to feel safe and that something will be completed, my intuition tells me they're going to cast a spell, but since they're bound it won't work. I know I should move on and I have , it started when I banished this person. Thing is, this person is responsible for horrible things happening to family members and friends of mine. I guess I don't think that this person really suffered enough for the harm they caused. I could really use an outsider to help me think this through.

Thank you, and this is really a big help.