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Original Post:
by: Belal_DrkneS on Mar 12, 2018

hello wise ones in the site, I am new to the site and to doing magic consciously, tho I have been practicing it unconsciously for 16 years now.
I am Cursed, and I would like any advice on identifying who have cursed me.
first, I had a weird collar/chain of energy on my neck, I could not destroy it but a friend of mine volunteered to take it so I passed it on and i do feel much better already, the collar is around his neck, tho I can still see the chains in front of me, and I need a way to break this curse permanently.
also, I have a few energy spears that stab me in my back, and trying to remove forcibly them is extremely painful, and I would like to know a way to remove them without pain.
finally, I am not aware who might have attacked me with all these curses and spells, I would really appreciate it if I someone would tell me of any identification spell to know that.
for more personal information, I am a 26 years old male, I have a pitch black Aura, I am an atheist and do not draw power from any deity (can't ask gods for help) I just use my own power and the powers of nature , and I do trap and consume some spirits/demons to refill my energy sometimes.