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Original Post:
by: WitchofEarth on Mar 25, 2017

Merry meet all. I know it doesn't matter what language you write your spells in, most commonly when people choose to write their spells in another language many would choose Latin. However yesterday afternoon I wrote a spell and thought it was very written, I like having my spells rhyme so it raises more energy more easily. I know it's not a requirement for spells but for me it's a personal preference. So yesterday afternoon I thought I'd try something different (slightly). I keep everything about the ritual the same. Circle casting, calling the elements, invoking the aspects of the horned god and the moon goddess I enjoy working with, the whole usual thing you'd do for setting up a ritual. All expect for the spell (chant part). The words were kept the same I just said them backwards. I'm not going to write the spell out because I don't want to share it on the forums, nothing personal, I just don't feel comfortable with it. So for an example if you were to say "stop" in a spell, it would be "pots" because pots is stop backwards. The energy that was raised felt different than the other spells I've done with saying he words how they are normally spoken. It was a good different though. It felt stronger. I did everything your supposed to do for a spell, visualizing and focusing on intent and everything. I'm asking a series question and I know he saying that "thoughts are energy and words are power" which is what made me want to try doing this spell this way. If anyone has ever tried this or has any information on his topic that would be great, as I'm looking to see if I could do this for other spells?
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