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Original Post:
by: BrandonBYS on Mar 14, 2017

hello, I am brandon. I have a gf and we have been together for a year and a half. She was pretty average when we meet, but after I got with her, I spoiled her. I do everything for her and she has gained some weight. She used to beg me to help her get skinnier again and I have tried so hard and now she has given up because she thinks it is too hard to do. I push her a lot into it in positive ways but she won't get up and go on walks. She has no interest in being motivated and she has no enthusiasm anymore. I think I might have brokded her...can anyone give me advice? If there is a potion (I understand what a real potion is) or if there is a spell that can help boost her enthusiasm or physical energy can you please link it or tell me? She has a really low self esteem now and it is killing her on the inside no matter how much I tell her she is wrong to call herself ugly, she still puts herself down...I want to get her enthusiastic about exercising...