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Original Post:
by: brokelion on Jan 01, 2017


long and complicated story, basically involves courts.

i am 99.9% certain my enemy has used black magic against me.
many things, including a book on black magic in her possession, lead me to this conclusion.
ive had unbelievable bad luck in everything ive done since this happened, i mean twilight zone type things that defy logic and reason.
im very much a physical reality and science type but cannot deny there is another unseen world.

im very new to spell casting as ive never needed it before.
some things i have tried, return to sender etc, have slightly lessened the intensity of whatever she has done to me but nowhere near getting rid of it.

after reading a bit about black magic, and some of the things she has done, it seems that she may have summoned something to help her.

is there a way of turning this entity against her, to reverse whatever spell she may have cast?
i need something very powerful that doesnt need lots of strange ingredients that i will not be able to find.
oh and the more simple to do the better

thanks for any suggestions