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Original Post:
by: BlackQuartz on Jan 28, 2016

This one is a spell similar to the self image spell, only it has to do with Valentine's Day coming up and being single. (Or not). It is about loving yourself, and I call it the "I Love Myself" spell. You take a white, light pink, or pink candle, anoint it with magical love oil, after having drawn a heart with an arrow through it and a Happy Valentine's Day on paper or parchment. You meditate on the heart for a few moments, then say, as you are lighting the candle, "By this flame, I heal my heart. I love myself, and hate depart. By this flame I now renew body, mind, and soul, and beauty, too. So mote it be." Let the candle burn down, and then meditate about why we ought to love ourselves. You can change it around a little bit, but I thought it was an important little spell about self-esteem and love.