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Original Post:
by: Peiko on Jul 31, 2015

Hello. I am a beginner of witchcraft and don't know much about spells and spell casting. I also do not know if I have all of my chakras open or if I have unlocked my aura. So with that in mind, are there any easy working minimal ingredient house training spells or animal communication spells? I have been trying virtually every way possible to house train my little baby for a few years now to no avail. I have been told by my parents that if I can get my dog house trained they will allow me to get another pet, and there is a special needs stray cat that I have seen a lot recently in desperate need of a home. There are also a few kids who have been throwing rocks at said cat and they keep getting more violent, even after I tried to stand up for the cat. The cat has a horrendous infection, so my need is urgent. If anybody knows a spell, charm, etc. that I could cast or knew something that they could cast for me I would be forever in their debt. Thank you for your time!