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Original Post:
by: coffeeLover on Mar 11, 2015

I need help with the kind of spell which is suitable for my situation. Now, and my boyfriend and I had been arguing for a bit over something so trivial. He then proceeded to talk to his parents about it, hoping they'd help him with his love issues, instead they told him to end it with me. He refused to do it, but was forced to by his father. We had been together for a year, he called me up n told me he had to end it with me. I was sad, upset and angry of course it came from nowhere! I was broken hearted. Two days later, he called me up and we talked for another 5 days. His family found out, he was in trouble and well ended it completely. I'm dumbfounded, broken and in pain. I know he loves me and doesn't want to end it as he said so several times, but hem had to go with his family. I then did something so stupid due to my anger, and deleted his site. Stupid, I know I regret that. I tried apologizing, calling etc....nothing. I feel it's unfair as we both love each other deeply, and now we can't be together because of his family. I need help.