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Original Post:
by: IsobelJaye99 on Mar 22, 2014

So, I was at home earlier and I was feeling very magically curious. Thus I performed this simple spell, however I don't know if it works, that's why I want others to try it.

Spell: To harm a person whom has committed an offensive omission toward you.

Equipment: 1 candle (any colour, shape, size. This could be changed if I find a candle colour especially suited to this spell.)
1 piece of paper. (I used lined a5, but I am sure any type will be fine.)
1 match, or lighter.
A sharpie (or permanent marker).

1 / Light your candle. You need to wax so make sure you can collect it whilst it's still fluid.
2 / Pour the candle wax onto the paper and let it dry. It's symbolising the tears you've once shed over the person.
3 / Next write their name onto the paper, keep the name away from the candle wax, you can write it near it just not on it.
4 / Set the name alight. Don't set all of the paper on fire, just the name. You are burning the bad away, not everything.
5 / Think of their face the whole time, and whilst it is burning recite:
"I call to the gods,
To harm (person on papers name here)
not to death, nor to fatal injury,
howbeit harm shall lie as heavy on their heart,
as their acts did mine."
6 / Blow out the fire if it burning past the name.
7 / Wet the burnt areas, showing the tears they will cry.
8 / Place the paper (this bit is a tiny bit mucky) at the bottom of your bin. To show where you feel they belong, and how dirty they shall feel.

If this works please feel free to tell me. If it doesn't, I beg your pardon!