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Original Post:
by: KCDarkWolf on Dec 14, 2013

I know this sounds lame, but today I was hit by a masive wave of regret. A year ago I had a chance to ask a girl out on a date (mind you this was no ordinary girl) and I was too much of a weenie to do it. I had always thought she did like me somewhere, and she was just trying to hide it by doing things like conschusly avoiding me, dooing the "like a brother to me" line and making a point to make direct eye contact whenever she was with her boyfriend almost like she knew it made me feel bad. Every time she did it though it made me want to tear the guy in two. She moved away sometime over the summer though.
Anywho enough about my rambling, point is I really liked her and I tried everything to let her go. I thought I was free of her spell, metaphorical not metaphysical, until today.
I want a spell to call her back. Not bend her will or anything, I like her and I don't want to hurt her, something like the strong urge to eat all the cookie dough and its too tempting to resist. A becon or call or trail or whatever one might call it, I need one. I've checked all my moral scales and it checks out. I feel it in my core that I need one more chance to talk to her atleast. (No I don't have her phone number because she was from out of country and she didn't get one until her last boyfriend)

Please, anyone with anything help me. I have no candles, inscense, oils, or anything like that. All I have is a ghetto wand made from a mystery tree, a glass pebble, and some enchanted jewelry. (And water of course)
Thank you for atleast trying to help if you do so.