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Original Post:
by: Integra on Nov 14, 2013

I'm not entirely sure if this goes here. So if it doesn't, please feel free to move it.

I've been experiencing burnout and a lack of passion in writing for a few years now. Before that, I was an avid writer! It was one of my favorite things to do. To emerge myself in a world of my own creating. To discover and work with the characters that I had placed there. However, that was all I ever did. For hours on end. This was from my teens to early twenties. Eventually, my passion just evaporated. The world that I was so intrigued with just made me feel disdain and hatred towards it. As, I said it was all I ever did. I did take a break away from writing for a while but the burn out never really faded. I'm tired of feeling this burnout. I'm tired of being bored by my own creations and my world of fantasy. I want to feel passion for it again. Motivation. Inspiration! That thrill, those emotions that I used to get and feel when I would write. To just be able to emerge myself fully into that world. So I'm here, looking for a spell. Does anyone have any suggestions?