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Original Post:
by: Daggobart on Feb 04, 2019

Hi everyone, I have not done magic or anything before but I need help.
I found a spell on the internet that makes someone realise and feel the hurt they caused you, this spell appeals to me as it would make the person finally understand.
I need protection, binding and truth spell (hopefully all in one) and hopefully include the spell to make them realise and feel the hurt they made me feel. The truth and binding spell is especially important, it has to last the rest of the person being spelled's life. It has to entail that any reference to me by name or otherwise, they will tell the truth about how they really feel about me and at the same time correct all the lies they have told about me.
I dont have access to many things like candles or herbs or other stuff where I live, I do have a photo but no contact with the person to be spelled. Much of the magic stuff here is still taboo and I will have people beating down my door to pray for me.
I would also need something to break a curse or bad spell on me and my better half and things just keep getting worse, both of has have developed health issues and the health issues have been the cause of the loss of income. Things constantly break or damage in or on our property, dripping taps are the worst, then comes the cars that keep breaking down. We just cant afford this anymore.
So yes, I do believe that magic does work, we are living the affects everyday for the past 6 to 7 years.
A nice healing spell for my better halfs leg (celutosis for a year now) would be wonderful.
I do have a clear mind, clear on my intention and clear feelings on this so directing thoughts and energy should not be a problem. I dont want to hurt the person, just make them stop. I need something safe and easy to use.

Where can I find information on making an altar?

I am sorry, I know I am asking a lot but would appreciate all the help that i can get at this point.

Have a good day.