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Original Post:
by: BartoszZ on Dec 23, 2018

Hi, my name is Bartosz and I am new here. I am an artist that is highly inspired by norse culture and magic recently. I would like to write an 8 or 9 symbols spell that will help to growth my creativity, make me happy and help to make a living with my art. I found some symbols that could work with that, but I need to be sure if my thinking is righ. Can you, please help me with that?
My spell would goes like this:
Kaunaz (opening rune, creativity)
Uruz (personal success)
Sowulo (positive energy)
Algiz (protection)
Mannaz (myself)
Dagaz (success)
Wunjo (joy)
Fehu (wealth)
Jera (harvest, ending)

What do you think?