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Original Post:
by: sweetfemme on Jul 24, 2018

Needing some help processing my thoughts and feelings. Long Post, sorry.

So today I go into work at the nursing home I am employed at as a care worker. I do not have any formal training but was going to nursing school so I was hired on that condition. During my time employed there we hired new management and they called in another student worker and told her that because she graduated and wrote her exam, she no longer can work at the nursing home. This worked okay for her because she has a job lined up. I also just finished my program and passed my exam but was not called into the office about not working anymore. And I do not want to lose my job now because I do not have a nurse job lined up yet, I am still seeking employment.

Today I arrive to work for an evening and a fellow coworker of mine got up in my face in front of a group of nurses and care workers in the nurses' station about how I should not be working here anymore. Of course this was rude and unprofessional of her. I felt very angry and attacked however I maintained calm and professional, choosing not to engage in that conversation. There are a lot of staff there that do not like this nurse- so I am not alone.

Because I am concerned about losing my current job before I get a new one, a thought ran through my mind to use magick. To gain some sort of revenge or a spell to shut her mouth. I am just so angry and don't want her to get away with being the way she is. She is older and it is high time she learn that she cannot act the way she is without consequence. I never did anything to that woman in my life.

The only thing that is stopping me from this potential spell casting is wondering if I am harvesting negative energy in my heart, holding onto what I rather put behind me (my current job). Perhaps I need to reach out for what I want, to shed what I have now to make room for the new. But I am still angry and in need of some guidance here.

If you were me, would you cast a spell on this person? Or let it all go. Any support, thoughts, insight, etc would be appreciated.

Blessed be!

TL;DR: My work does not keep on students after they graduate but has no given me the boot yet. Coworker got up in my face about not leaving yet and may rat me out. Should I do a revenge spell? Or should I walk away?