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Original Post:
by: RavenStorm6 on May 21, 2018

Hey guys!
I was wondering if anyone has any advice for banishing stubborn entities. There's been something hanging around my house for months, and nothing I'm doing is helping for the long-term. My dogs bark at empty rooms that they were fine with 10 minutes and no changes previously, and I get the occasional whiff of the stench of something dead. Whatever it is hasn't physically attacked anyone in the house, but there's a total shift in mood when it's around--everyone starts arguing and being snippy for no apparent reason, and electronics start acting up (crashes for no reason, etc). I've been saging with dragonsblood-infused white sage each time it comes back, making sure to sage from the back of the house to the front door-- just in case the superstition of saging from the front door inviting things in holds any truth--and while everyone's home in case it's tied to someone, but it always comes back within a few weeks, even if I burn so much sage that I'm more fumigating the house than just saging it. My process is to sage with all the windows closed, then snuff the sage and open all the windows to let the smoke take whatever it is outside, following with dragonsblood and frankincense incense. I don't usually say an incantation, just because I haven't gotten to writing one.
If anyone has any tips on things I'm doing wrong, please let me know. Also, if anyone has any incantations (I haven't looked in Spells because there's so many fictional ones from books and such that it's hard to discern sometimes), sigils, or advice regarding other materials that might help banish this entity and keep it out, I would greatly appreciate it!!