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Original Post:
by: Arterra on Feb 24, 2018

I have been doing all I can think of to protect myself from someone who sexually abused me. I have cast some protection spells, cleansed my home, changed some things for myself on my altar, and even just flat out banished that negativity in my life by attempting to force myself not to dwell on it. (In fear of that making her stronger) However, it seems that left and right this person is attempting to wish ill will on me. Some horrible omens are appearing, she has been attempting to cast spells against me, and I keep having these strange unexplained fits of pain that seem like injury, or as if I can't breathe. I'm trying to keep calm and focus on building my own strong, positive energy (but I really am quite terrified). Any ideas on how to further protect myself from someone trying to harm me through spells and the like?