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Original Post:
by: metalchick1 on Nov 13, 2017

Hi, can someone suggest an easy money spell for me? My parents don't have that much money and it makes things tough. And it always seems to get worse at this time of the year and especially around Christmas. we once had a Christmas where we had no presents under the tree (I know presents aren't the most important thing, but we enjoy giving and receiving) it made for a sad Christmas. and I feel like this Christmas will be another bad one because we're low on money, my grandma is having a cancer scare, ive been having problems with a guy I love, and much more. my mom is dealing with a lot right now too, because of her mom having something that could be cancerous. it honestly feels more like we got a curse on us. really I feel like I either need a money spell that can help me and my family last through the rest of the year, or a curse removal spell/method (or both). can someone give me some suggestions or ideas on spells for these things? what are your thoughts? thanks!