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Original Post:
by: kezzaroobles on Sep 27, 2008


Just wanted some advice on the meaning of candle flames if anyone can help?

I have just burned 5 candles, and all the flames responded differently.

On 1 candle, the flame flickered constantly, never really powerful flickers, not little gentle ones, and the flame was between 2 and 3 inches high the whole time,

The second candle had a 2 inch flame that flickered very gently and wavered from side to side

The other 3 candles were tea lights and so had small flames that were pretty much stationary the whole time. The only thing a bit different was the main candle had a slightly smaller flame.

All the candles were in the same area, the window were closed and there were no drafts from anywhere.

Can anyone interpret this for me, as I'm new to magic and am still trying to learn

Thanks in advance

Kez x