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Original Post:
by: QueenDelta on Apr 06, 2017

For the past few nights I've been doing a spell with a red candle & a pink candle. The red candle (represents me) completely burns away with no wax residue which I know is a good sign. The wick on the second red candle burned for quite some time after the wax was gone. I'm guessing it's a message of my strength & willingness to pull through when I have nothing. That's the message I gathered. But the pink candle (representing someone else but not in a bad way) has melted into some unusual shapes. I've been searching all over to see what it could represent but neither of them are common. The first candle melted into a puddle but formed what looks like an anatomically correct human heart on the bottom of it. Above the human heart is just a puddle of a shape I can't make out too well but under that puddle is definitely a human heart. The second candle melted into a puddle in the holder that resembles a dress. The puddle looks like a tank top dress, the wick is melted perfectly diagonally across the dress shape to make it look like a ribbon or like the dress is dancing. There is a clear division between the wick & a layer of wax that would divide the chest & waist of the dress forming a ribbon that would tie the dress. At the bottom of the wax puddle is a giant flare like a really fancy dress would have. I wear dresses a lot, especially of that style, so I'm 1000% sure this puddle is in the shape of a dress. As the pink candle represents a man & not me, I can't make out the message but it seems like a good one. Any suggestions on what it may be?