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Original Post:
by: Thewitch46 on Feb 03, 2015

Practicing magick is not a belief, but a practice. The belief that magick exists is a belief. This topic is about how to practice magick. You could believe that lighting a candle saying a spell and blowing It out or letting it burn down will make it happen. It wont. People question why the spell didn't work and there are a few reasons why. Understand that the root of where the energies if magick come from is from the universe. The elements exists within the universe and we harness and utilize those energies, channeling them into the specific purpose to bring about a desired result. Understand that the candles, the cords, and the herbs are merely aids to your spells and such. I believe that if you separate yourself from those indulgences and learn to bring about those desired results from simply willing it to will work. Magick works through the utilization of energies that are put into the universe by will, visualization, emotion, and passion for a certain desire and then they manifest into the physical world as a result. Magick works through the elements. For example: you preform a money spell- You first think about your desire for an extra cash flow which is utilized by the energy of air, you then utilize the energies of water which is your emotions by becoming emotionally indulged in that desire, after that comes fire which is the passion and will to make it happen by performing the spell, and through utilizing the energies of earth to make it real in the world(manifestation). Understand what a spell is. A spell is focusing your intent so strongly that it manifests. A ritual is different which I see a lot of people confusing a ritual to a spell. A ritual is a set of rites. My theory on magick (may differ from person to person) is that magick is simply magick. Some people practice white magick, it is still magick just in a different practice. I will give you the simplest way to beginning the practice of magick which is meditation, visualization, grounding an centering, channeling, and manifestation. Understand that if you can not meditate you won't be able to visualize. Train your mind through meditation to clear away negativity, doubts, and blockages which can result in a spell manifesting in a way you didn't desire or a spell not even working. Visualization is the key to magick working. Once you can visualize so strongly that you can see, hear, feel, and smell what you want grounding and centering, channeling, and manifestation will be a breeze. Visualizing the desired outcome will give you the result you desire because you are putting out your desire into the universe resulting in its manifestation. Grounding and centering is simply gathering energy from the earth and centering it within your self (like an orb) and channeling that energy into the spell. Channeling is simply utilizing that energy you've gathered. For example: Healing. Healing some one else requires channeling 100% because you are sending that energy into the person's body to heal what they need to be healed. Again manifestation is simply making it real in the world. I know this was a long article but understand that I know many of you have misconceptions of how magick works and how it is to be preformed. Uderstand that this will take time. But if your desire is pure and your will is strong you can make it happen.

Evelyn Rose