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Original Post:
by: Serenaepsom1 on Jan 21, 2015

Why is there no specific magick to protect children ??? I have looked everywhere, there is magick for everything, why are there no specific spells or magick for the protection of children, especially babies, they are at the stage of great connection with the other world, where are the spelks for their protection, I desperately need to get rid of a person who poses an imminent threat to my children, and before anyone mentions the law, I have been fighting since I was six weeks pregnant to stop what I knew would inevitably happen, but I am the mother, and where I live, the fathers have inconceivable rights. I have and am still trying, to use every legal loophole to escape this evil, my only hope is now protection.

Any positive advice is greatly appreciated, I am bordering on resorting to the dark forces.
For my children I would consider black magick if it means taking the three fold consequences myself.