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Original Post:
by: Sumireaio on Jan 16, 2015

Not really a question
Well I'm just new here, I just want to know if I am understanding it right.
So based on what few posts I've read MAGICK is controlling or Working with energy and other resources around you? hmm..
And it's not like in the movies that you will be able to control elements like AVATAR or turn into an animal or summon Zombies.

So I want to understand more on how it works and What works. I'm not really expecting to cast a Spell as early as now, but i want to understand how spell works and what kind of spells work? like love spells, protection spells, luck spells.

and another. just a random question. If I have a pet, a new pet. like say a parrot or a rat and i want it to love me or understand me, is it possible for a spell to help me gain their trust and loyalty. Ofcourse some will say that you DONT need Magick for that but in case all things fail and my pet hates me. is it possible? or other people's relationship with their pet grow stronger?

sorry for a quite long post..