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Original Post:
by: FatLip on Jan 10, 2015

Spell reversal question

Postby FatLip ? Sat Jan 10, 2015 6:39 pm
Hi all

I am curious what type of spell reversal kit and routine one can use within the Jewish and or Christian tradition,

Based on the simple rules of monotheism according to the commandments the covenant requires members not to put any other god before or above the first and second of the ten commandments, there are more details withing the 613 commandments but they reflect whether or not the Temple exists and the person is living in Diaspora.

Anyway, here is one idea i heard about of how a Jew or Christian can use Psalms withing rituals when praying becomes impossible to focus well under pressure.

In this method you need a
*large bucket, (you can re use this once ringed out after used)
*sea salt (kosher is best),
*napkins, (to wipe feet)
*a disposable jar, plastic cup or just glass,
*a photo of person or parchment with name or enemy written backwards.

For example:

Step by Step
1-a bucket filled half way with water or enough to cover the ankles of one's feet.

2-Then add two table spoons of sea salt,

3-Place feet inside bucket and pray Psalm 31 (evil eye) or other Psalms depending on your issue like a retribution psalm against enemies etc,

While praying remember that the dark energy from your aura will flow into the water, continue doing this for 15 minutes minimum.

4-After your done wipe all water from your feet then any drop that may of fallen on the floor.

Now if you see dark water, dust that you know did not come off your feet from walking around, or basically sense the negative energy in the water depending on how bad repeat the process several times every few hours., how ever the first time you see save that water to reverse the curse.

Go to step two, Reversal:
1-Have a disposable plastic cup, glass or jar ready,
2-put the picture of the person responsible or a paper with a name or just enemy (spelled backwards) inside the cup, photo upside down.

2- Fill the cup up with the dirty cursed water,

3-Pray over the cup and ask the person or un known person to stop bothering you

4- put it in your freezer until you know its working and that person went away.

Once its over you put all this stuff in a river or bury it far away from your home at a crossroad.

Then shield yourself.

Has anyone heard of this or knows something else like it?