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Original Post:
by: averc on Dec 26, 2014

my profile pic i did not take some one who use to be a friend did after a bad falling out ,,, the knife in the pic is my best friends also an xbf ,,, i didnt know it was his untill today this pic is from july 30 2014,,, hea mentioned before an even more so now i dont know why im doing what im doing its like some one is telling me making me do it ,,, he has proposed to a woman that until a few weeks ago was not in love with but one night after sex he said somthing told him its ok hez in love with her ,,, she treats him horrible kickes him ut of their home weekly has punched him in the face busting his lip an is always telling him uh ow worthless he is an a loser ,,, he doesnt deserve this an is one of the most kind giving oeople i know