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Original Post:
by: bubbley82 on Dec 21, 2014

Hi Everyone

Pretty new here, been on the website a few times, and was very intrigued by it all, and very interesting, so thank you.

Just need some good advice/spell that do work on a couple of matters and I wont bore you with the details....

I need some guidance/spells that work on the follow:

1) Give someone courage, strength and clarity to clear their mind and soul of their past in order for them to move forward in a more healthily, happy, honest, trustworthy relationship.

2)For me to always be on their mind and in their dreams?

3)Love spell for someone to decide 'yes shes the one!'

Sorry for the list, just that there are so many spells listed on the site, I really would like to use the ones that are tried tested and get the 5 star approval from you all.

Look forward to hearing from you