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Original Post:
by: Serenaepsom1 on Dec 05, 2014

there is a person who has Brought harm to me for a long time and now is taking me to court to fight for the right to bring harm to my children.i have everything in place to win against him, But, mentally and physically I have never been able to face him without being completely controlled by him. He thrives in places like a courtroom, He is stronger than me in those ways and I'm worried he will use the court day to further hurt me, get into my head and destroy me. I'm so afraid of the power he has, I'm worried I will jeopardise my own case.
His strengths are manipulation, calmness, can and will lie under oath.
I am getting all the necessary support and using all my resources, but no matter how strong my case is, when I have to face this man, I feel completely vulnerable and small and scared like he has invisible control over me.
Any advice on spells, any spells I can use from any angle to help myself is appreciated. X