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Original Post:
by: Proxymoron on Oct 31, 2014

Disclaimer: I have only studied pagan arts (mostly wicca) for about 6 months. So, I was feeling kind of alone about a month or two ago, and decided that a harmless "opportunity" (Showing more opportunities to meet someone special, I know it sounds really dumb and novice) would be the solution to my problems.about 13-15 days later nothing happened and I went to this summer camp for a week. By this point I had put some disbelief into wicca and actually forgot about it and the spell until recently, which I will get into later (also I have a pretty low self-esteem so the fear of being outcast for being pagan was another factor). At camp I found out that this beautiful girl that used to date someone, was single... so I started liking her, and she liked me back. And then after camp we dated and I felt like I truly loved her and it felt like the first time in any of my relationships. So then one day out of the blue she starts becoming flakey, saying that maybe we should break up and we ended up "mutually" splitting apart although neither of us wanted to. Then, quite recently (still in recovery from the break up) I was thinking about where I used to do rites and then it hit me when that random thought sparked: "Oh my god, the spell..." and then I looked into my writing and saw this as some anomaly and that's the story of how I figured out that Magick DOES undoubtedly fuel my existence, and also that love Magick is dangerous. My question though is, Why was a spell that only brought opportunities do this, and is this morally wrong. And finally, what do you guys think/ believe, I know this was a hard story to swallow but I'd love any input.