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Original Post:
by: Gaia73 on Jul 17, 2014

Have a quick question. I know someone who got a spell from someone, it's a question spell. Basically, you write a question a paper with an answer positive and negative. Or a two part question one part on each side. then you burn paper in a fire proof dish or pan with a lid to cover. There are other steps. But to get to the point. She is in a relationship and has a strong attraction to another. (An attraction that she can't help, she didn't even know the this man or still really does) anyways she asked who she would marry/end up with. One man on each side of paper. Asking should she stay or marry with each name. she fire to the paper. The crazy part is here: she put lid on when it stopped burning, she took it out and they only words left were marry Joseph (not the man she is in the relationship with), his name was on the other side but mostly burned. Crazy part his name was in the same area as the other guy's name but the other name and work marry had no burn marks on it at all. so she asked if it to be true. I'm at a loss, never seen this done before. Any ideas if this to be true??? Sorry I'm at work trying to hide that I'm internet. lols Should she believe the spell is showing the truth to her????