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Original Post:
by: crimson_tide on Dec 30, 2013

My fianc? left me and our kids four weeks ago , his friends talked in his head that I was manipulating him with a binding spell and making him stay and whatever, I did use a binding spell , but one that if he loves me he stays and he chooses to be with me at his own free will , which is a lie. So I found out the used a break up spell , and I already had that sick feeling in the bottom of my stomach and vivid dreams about it weeks before hand and brushed it away thinking it was an inner fear.

So, he left us , and is acting cold hearted and cruel which is totally against his nature and personality. I have no more internet at the moment at home , he has cut off the phone and soon he heat will go and he wants us out before the middle of next month. And no I did not cheat on him or anything to that matter or manipulate him.

I do not have any idea anymore what to do, this isn't at all how he is or normal. Could someone please do a cast for me or something . It is like I am bound or something and nothing I do is working.