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Original Post:
by: User276701 on Dec 15, 2013

To win money at a casino I wrote down the names of the 3 primary colors each on a sticky note. Red, Blue, Yellow. Then I folded them up and piked one, keeping them all folded so I didn't know which one was selected.

Then I had my husband give me a number, and the number he gave me I wrote on the outside of the chosen sticky note. What I did was I told myself that his subconscious and my subconscious already knew how I could win money. By taking the number he chose and matching it with the color I had written down, I would win money.

That's what I told myself. I may not know which color is written down, but our subconscious minds do know, and they know how to get the number 19 and take it to the primary color written down.

So with that, and each time I go with my friend, I do the same thing. And I win money, not a lot, but it's okay because it's never my money it's my friends. (Her idea).

I never won any money before and I felt bad about wasting her money like that, and now I have won at the most $80. I am not confident enough to win hundreds yet, but I am learning how the energy works in those places.

I was just wondering what everyone's thoughts were.