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Original Post:
by: SHINITA on Nov 04, 2013

Do anyone know of a spell to free my husband, he has committed no crime all paperwork is in place. Judge in the case has been prosecuting from the bench. The Prosecutors said that his points are too old to count in this case, but, the judge is ignoring this. She is mad because my husband filed a lawsuit against her. She is bias and should not be on this case, but, we cant get any help.She has scheduled him for a November 18, 2013 trial and according to the clerk in the courtroom (friend of a friend)she is not planning a fair trial she is planning to railroad him. Once the lawsuit came to light the judge issued a warrant for his arrest, stating that he missed a court date, he never missed a court date. She never gave him a court date. We checked with the bondsman and he never received one either.