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Original Post:
by: KoKoEFFiiONG on Mar 16, 2013

Could someone give me some info about summoning Goetics. I need to for a personal problem of mine and I've read about which ones can do which so I found one that seems perfect and was talking to somebody on this about it, who agreed he would do it for me.
As this person seemed to have a lot of experience in things like this I trusted him(?) to do it and he was nothing but helpful at first, he asked all about my situation, said he would research this particular goetic and do the ritual.
He then messaged me a few days later and told me the spirit had said he'd look into it to make sure my situation was all done properly, but he says I have to be calm or he won't help :S
Then I messaged the boy again asking some more questions which he didn't answer and he asked me some more, then when I went to message him he just blocked me.
I have a few accounts here so I've messaged him on them all and he just blocks me immediately, I don't understand it how am I meant to know what's going on and what I need to do if he won't even effing tell me? I'm really sad and disappointed as I was never anything but greatful to this person and it's like he's built all my hopes up for nothing then just dropped me.
So idk I'm assuming he's not doing it now and I need to do it myself..
I've read about seals and stuff and I've drawn the seal and I'm looking into casting circles, and the whole triangle thing can someone explain that? I'm not very clued on all this and I don't even know if I'll be powerful enough to do it myself (or deal with any possible unwanted consequences) but I'm so desperate. I felt like everything was going to be fine when the boy agreed to help me. But yeeeah, all you have is yourself I guess.

So, has anyone ever done this before? Are there different ways if so what's the best? Any info would be much appreciated, thankyou :)