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Original Post:
by: marfa on May 25, 2012

Curse of the "Black Widow".

From a letter:

Help me understand the situation.
I recently lost a loved one, beloved and loving person - was killed in an accident my common-law husband. The situation is terrible in itself, but the more terrible it is that people leave unexpectedly at the age of 42 years full of energy, hopes and plans.

Grief experienced made me think seriously about what's going on in my life. The fact that a series of tragic events began in 2005 when, in May at age 41 unexpectedly from an incurable disease in his eyes literally burned to a healthy and strong man, who was at that time I close and we were linked long-term relationship. Just after 5 months., In October the same year my father was tragically killed.

Two years of silence, and then, in 2008, just as suddenly and tragically killed my ex-husband. And even though we had already been married a long time was not involved and the relationship a little support, but we have a son, and therefore the overall situation is "slashed" very close. All the more so after the divorce my husband so more families are created and svegda thought that my son is his family.

And the tragic end - February 2011 - the death of my husband. All this, taken together, pushes me to the disturbing thoughts that there is some "program", which gives poor results.

And yet, not sure if it relates to the specific case, but on the maternal side, none of my cousins ​​are not happy in his personal life. All of the marriage, or splits, or it is not at all, although people have for 30 years, many have an unhealthy addiction to alcohol. Though the family sufficiently stable and socially adapted.

In conclusion, I want to say that I'm still fairly young and attractive woman with a normal positive outlook on life, quite close acquaintance with the esoteric, and many practitioners. All of this works. But I am concerned it is this situation - I'm starting to be afraid of themselves in the sense that I can unknowingly spoil the life of the people closest to me.

from the letter:

The fault of my father (he knocked down a man), a gypsy widow after she went to court my mother and said: - I became a widow, and now your family will all be black widows. You still remember me and my tears.

Spitting, gypsy turned and walked away. First my mother was widowed - father hanged himself in prison, where he was serving a sentence for a downed his gypsy. Forget us not give him. More married mom did not come out. My older sister became a widow a month after the wedding. Personally I was hoping that I'll be fine. But, after living for six months with her husband, one does not wait it to work alive. On the way home attached to it bullies hit on the head with an iron rod, and he died without regaining consciousness. Three years later, I met a nice guy and married him. Volodya was a remarkable man. I was with him was easy and joyful. But the first day of January, he died in his sleep - sleep and never woke up. He never complained of heart, and in general was absolutely healthy. Probably worked gypsy curse. Now, I'm afraid to get married, do not want anyone dying because of me. "

Damaging black widow, is a curse. This type of damage to the curse of time, if not neutralized, will bring suffering, misery, and death. As a rule, the curse, the corruption of the black widow is induced from the outside, deliberately.

However, in some cases, the cause of the damage a black widow can be a lady with a negative, powerful energy, which destroys the life partner who is beside her. Her husband, friend, etc. sooner dies - dies. The cause of death can be any circumstance, by accident, to the deadly disease.

It's no secret, that this lady is a nice, attractive and sexy and attract men of all ages. Often, a man in love with absolutely nothing suspicious, he is unable to understand what will bring him to the relationship.

Curse of the "black widow" includes damage to the object and gradually pays no attention to ill health, which begin to occur soon after they met with such a woman. Further, the more - the problems in business, relationships with others are getting worse and worse. If you are lucky, the object is damaged black widow will be able in time to make any conclusions, thinking over the circumstances of failure, and after weighing all the signs of the developing situation unpleasant person becomes frightened, he realizes that the woman who is with him is a threat to his life.

Then follows a series of scandals, the desire to leave, but it turns out strong feelings, holds firmly. What to do in this situation?

Located next to the special, the man gets very serious trouble. Typically, the "black widow" of the powerful, destructive energy fail partner to the most negative consequences. Sometimes the woman herself does not know that it support such evil.
Out of the situation, two - to leave and break off relations with that woman, and to remove damage "black widow" and thus save people from deadly and destructive action of the negative programs.
In conclusion, damaging black widow is one of the most devastating adverse effects on man and the black widow to remove damage can only be an experienced professional who has magical knowledge and experience in magic.