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Original Post:
by: 6magics on Sep 05, 2021

Hello, I have recently bought an object that is very precious to me and I want to protect it in some way. The object is a guitar. I don't know much about magic at all but I came here to ask a few questions about how I can protect the guitar and prevent it from being stolen.

1. Is it acceptable to pay someone for this kind of process? Are there any negative consequences that may fall upon myself or my guitar by incorporating some kind of transaction rather than the act being committed purely from generosity?

2. How are the spells applied? I would not mind if the guitar had to be engraved in some way - spell related items could even be stored in the guitar pickup compartments if they were small enough.

3. What kind of spells/enchantments are available? As far as I know there are kinds of protection spells but how do they work? Are there other spells/enchantments to will the object to return if it is displaced?

4. Are there risks with cursing an object? Ideally, I would like the guitar to only be played by those who receive my blessing (before or after being played, as long as it is received) and initially I assumed that some kind of curse could be placed on it, however the consequences of such an act are unknown to me. If the object is stolen and the thief is cursed do I then have to pay in someway for the effects they are exposed to?