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Original Post:
by: Deima on Jun 11, 2018

I completely new to this, and don't follow Wicca, or any particular path that involves spells. But, I'm intrigued by spell casting, and cast my first spell last week. I have someone I work with (a few someones, really) who bring about a lot of heavy, negative energy into the workplace. My boss is the main person responsible for bringing negative energy into work, but after casting the spell last week, things have been better. Today, he was great. But, it goes up and down like this, he's never consistent, and it's really causing a lot of stress for my team and me.

The spell that I chose was very simple, I just wrote his name down on a piece of paper, burned it, and I invoked God's name, as I meditated on banishing his negativity from my life. Once the plate was filled with ashes, I took it out to a nearby dumpster, as part of the spell recommended getting rid of the plate and ashes, and to not place it in your garbage can inside the house.

I felt empowered and really never looked deeply at my intentions, even when I've prayed to God, I've always been rather passive. Spells require intention, it seems. A deep focus on what one truly desires, and making sure that the desires are not harming another, or even ourselves.

Since my boss' behavior and a few coworkers' are inconsistent, should I perform another banishing spell? How often do you perform the same spells, for the same issues? I have seen change even since last week, so I'm thinking that the spell was helpful.