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Original Post:
by: WolfQueen444 on May 02, 2017

This is a continuation/update from a thread I did earlier on this forum:
Replies said to wait a few months and see where it goes, and boy a lot has happened...

Please read the previous thread before reading this one, I don't want to go through the hurt of re-explaining things.

Not nearly a few weeks after being together, I get the horrible news that they had a wedding ceremony. It apparently wasn't legal, but to them it was.
My instincts kept telling me something was wrong, terribly wrong. It went beyond wanting him back, which I truly do, but I had the feeling he was in danger.

My friend offered a tarot reading on our relationship, he used the vampire deck if I remember correctly. A card was drawn for our past and present, and it was extremely accurate. Then for future, death.
I didn't agree with the card, and I felt there was more to it. I had a deep intuition to not give up, and he offered to do an automatic reading. Gods I'm glad he did...

What he found was shocking, Lucifer had answered him, and gave some disturbing news.
Marc-Waynes soul is trapped in the underworld he said, being drained of his energy. Kaylin is not what she seems, a liar and not even human. I need to find him, and try and set him free from her, because her love is manipulation.

That night I went as fast as I could during astral projection to the underworld, and I saw the state his soul was in. It was old, and drained, he could barely move. A shield was around him I couldn't get passed too. It hurt so much to see him like that, and Lucifer showed up, because he offered to answer my questions.
Kaylin is a form of psychic vampire, but more in a terms of Siren-like creature. He told how she lured my soulmate into her clutches, making him feel in love and happy when she was truly caging him.

Since that day, I have seen so clearly how true that is. She has taken control of his virtual accounts, making me talking to him hard. When we do, he's extremely defensive and blunt, which he never was with me before. Sometimes it's so clear it's her words.

She has also decided to attack and torment me now that I know, sending me images of her covered in his blood and laughing, treating him like a toy or slave. I want nothing more than to rip her throat out, but I know she wants me to retaliate against her, a trap of some kind.

I've done love spells, I've done break up spells, and I've helped a friend of mine do a Banishing against her. But her grip is still deep in him.

There's more details to this story, and I'll be happy to share if you're able to help. She's truly evil, and aware of what she's doing to him, but he isn't. I'm not going to let the man I love life's be ruined, or even killed by her...
Hecate even came to me, and said he's running out of time. Freya assured me that we're meant to be as well.
But I have no idea how to end this once and for all.

Please, if any of you can help sever her from his life, no more contact or talking, or feelings of any kind. Please help me with prayers or Spells if you are able to.
This is extremely important for me, and for his life too. He can be with me where he's truly loved than used as a toy, I'd never do such a thing to him, nor he to me if her manipulating wasn't there.

Please fellow spellcasters, I need your help.