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Original Post:
by: WitchofEarth on Feb 03, 2017

Hi all! First I'd like to say I know what I'm talking about here, I've been practicing wicca for 9 years now in this life time. I say life time because I believe in past lives. I've done binding spells before, but those were more along the lines of, binding someone from harming me, or binding someone from slandering me, or binding someone's ability to cast spells against me (like making someone unable to harm me) etc, etc. I thought I would reach out to all of you because you all have been through different experiences than I have been through in this life and who knows, maybe we'll find I know how to do something that you'v wanted to know how to do and vise-versa. I am in a situation where I need to bind a person from telling my secret. This person said that they would not tell anyone and I trusted them, but the secret was told, not the whole thing, but enough to make a group of people who can not know, a group of people that is above me in authority, enough was told that I'm now a little fearful when I see one of the people from this group because I'm afraid their going to bring it up. It's nothing like I'm going to be arrested or something, just something I would prefer to never be told. The thing is, it wasn't slander, because it just slipped out and the person I told, I found out they have autism, I know this because they told me so don't think I'm trying to diagnose them. Anyway I need some help with writing a spell to bind this person from talking about the secret to anyone except me. I know the whole "You shouldn't take away someone's free will" thing, because I didn't start thinking I should bind the person as soon as I told them. It's just this is the second time this person has told someone and I know that they didn't do it to be mean, their just autistic. And also binding this person was not my first idea, I thought a promise would be enough, and now I don't want the secret getting out a third time. And for those of you who may say "well you shouldn't have told that person in the first place" is because this person asked me for help regarding a certain spiritual entity so naturally I told this person that I practice Wicca and that I may be able to help them and this person promised me they would not tell anyone, so I took this person by their word. Now the reason why I don't want this group of people to know is because in my situation being wiccan is frowned upon, and I've already tired testing the whole idea of "Why don't you just explain to them that Wicca is not worshiping evil and calling upon bad forces to help you, and controlling people's mind" and all that other stuff. Because it's not like they'd think that, at least not all of that. It's just that believing in something other than what your told to believe in, would get you kicked out, and I can't have them. Because I enjoy being in this group. So I need help with writing this spell, and yes I've tired to write it myself but I'd like to ask all of you if you have any suggestions as to what you would do for wording a spell like this. All helpful information is thanked, but if your just going to tell me something negative or something that you know would not be helpful, then you don't need to comment. As for the rest of you who are actually trying to help me, thank you so much and may the Goddess bless you.
~Love and Light