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Original Post:
by: FloridaKilos on Jan 11, 2017

Is the hair of my lover necessary? Will the spell still work if I'm unable to use his hair? Also, how long until I should start seeing results. I'm under the impression he likes me but he acts shy around me and sometimes I don't know if he's just shy or he dislikes me. I'm going with the former though. Lol. So I'm assuming it'll be quicker than if he had no feelings towards me at all right? Lastly, will he still be shy towards me or will this make him open up and try to pursue a relationship with me. If not it's kinda pointless since I'm sure he's attracted to me but if he's not gonna make a move then yeah...

Sorry these are a lot of questions but I'm inexperienced and wanna make sure I'm doing this right and know what to expect.