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Original Post:
by: Kyuss23 on Jan 18, 2014

1) On a piece of brown paper bag that you have neatly torn on all four sides,write the person's name several times. The number of times will vary according to the situation. Most often, I suggest 3, 5, 7, or 9 times. Though the piece of paper bag is unlined, write their name however many times you have decided to one right under the other as if on lined paper. Use their entire name, first, middle and last, or as much of it as you know.

2) Turn the paper 90 degrees to the right, and write your full name directly over their name, but this time, write yours 2 times more than theirs is written. You are thus exerting dominance both because your name is on top of theirs, and because your name is written more times than theirs is. The name paper will look like a grid, or a plaid.

3) Next, using a cup or other round object, lightly trace a circle which completely encircles the names.

4) The next bit requires some thought. Work out a short and succinct phrase which encapsulates your intention for the situation. Carefully write this phrase around the name grid in a perfect circle. The big trick here is to NEVER ALLOW THE PEN TO LIFT OFF OF THE PAPER. Write slowly and carefully and it will be fine. Ideally, the last letter of the phrase will run right into the first letter of the phrase, so you will have an unending circle. You will likely have to write your phrase several times. You may go back to dot your i's, etc. after you have written the command perfectly.

5) Next, fold the paper TOWARDS YOU (the top of the paper is folded in a direction towards your body, rather than the bottom of the paper being folded away from your body). As you do this, state firmly what you wish to have occur. Turn the paper 90 degrees to the right, and fold it towards you again.
If you have something personal from the other individual, such as some of their hair, or a snippet of clothing that they have worn directly against their body and that hasn't been laundered since, place it into the paper before you fold it. If you are doing this work to increase the love in a romantic relationship, you may add some of your hair or some of your body's fluids. Then fold the paper towards you.

6) Obtain a clean glass jar, preferably with a metal lid. Baby food jars can work. Using incense or a plant burned as incense (my preference is white sage), allow the smoke to enter and surround the jar and it's lid. As you do this, ask for your work to be successful. The smoke will purify and dedicate your materials. Also, allow the smoke to curl around your folded namepaper.

7) Place the folded namepaper into the jar. I usually will put a bit of appropriate herb or sugar in the jar first for it to rest on. You may add more sugar and more herbs and any other sweetener such as maple or karo syrup that you have on hand. Then, fill the jar up with honey, completely covering your paper. It is likely that the paper will rise in the jar, but do not worry about that.

8) Choose a candle. Pink increases romance, friendship and kindness, pale blue calms situations, and red increases passion. Choose what feels best to you. Usually I'd opt for pink, as it is warm and an easy vibration. You can use a honey jar in situations that are not romantic to increase someone's willingness to be helpful and kind towards you.

9) Anoint the candle with oil. There are many condition oils made for specific purposes to be had at occult stores, and some of these are marvelous and add something to your work. However, simple olive oil is time-honored and carries a vibration of peace. It's use is recorded in the Bible, and it may be used with good success. There are different ways to anoint or 'dress' a candle. Here is how I was taught to do it: hold the candle and, with oil on your hand, grasp it in the middle. Angle the candle, wick up, towards your body. Focusing strongly on your intention, pull your hand up the candle from the middle towards the wick.
Then, turn the candle in your hand so that the base of the candle is angled towards your body, and repeat the motion of grasping it in the middle, and pulling upwards towards the base. Only rub in one direction, not up and down.

Alternately, you may burn a glass-encased 7-day candle. In this case, rub the oil on the top surface of the candle with intention. Rub in a clockwise direction.
You may also run an implement such as a screwdriver down into the wax right next to the glass, and pour a little of the oil into this hole. You can also add a small quantity of herb to this hole if you wish.

10) Place the candle on top of the jar, and light it with intention. State your intention as you light it, and keenly and with great focus, visualize what you wish to have change in this situation. Visualize things happening as you want them to. See the other person as being warm and welcoming, kind and helpful, or loving and romantic towards you.

Allow the candle to burn all the way out. You may place the entire setup into a fireproof pot or pan, or on a bed of sand, or in a sink or the tub, so as to eliminate worries about fire, should you have to leave while the candle is lit.

You may burn another candle on this jar whenever necessary, and if you use tapers, allow the wax to remain on the jar rather than cleaning it off.

okay so I just performed this spell. However I am unsure how I did. I took about 10 minutes to meditate before starting however a song popping up into my head when I was performing the spell. Also my jar would not close the candle I used what is a birthday candle since I don't really have any candle shop around me and this was color with no fragrance. The incense I used was just a random incense since the spell did not say which kind to use. I forgot 2have the incense smoke purify the jar and lid and paper before putting all the ingredients in the jar.basically I felt like I put a lot of concentration into not messing up the spell then I did into actually performing it. although I did feel like I concentrated and visualized what I wanted very much. Should I try It again?