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Original Post:
by: warbot on Oct 22, 2013

pls help me ,,i want to renew my relation with my gf ,,shes always shouting at me ,, nugging at me ,,,i dont know whats her problem ,, im so miserable ! ,,, i talk to her in nice way ,,, and i said i want to fix this relation ,,, last week she came here ,,, and where ok ,,, but its only 1 week ,,, yesterday she get here again but all night we argeu only until morning ,,, and shes act again like before ,,, im getting miserable ,,, always drunk ,,, yeah im smiling but in front of my friends but deep inside me ,, is ripping me off ,,, i dont want to loose her ,,, its killing me !!! you see ,,, shes also my gf when we was in high school ... we get 3 yrs on that time ,then we broke up,, after how many years we see each other again ,, then as of now were 3 yrs again this december ,,, but thing are change ,,, i cant understand her ,,, now shes mad at me again without telling whats wrong ,, somtimes i wish that when i sleep ,,, i will not woke up anymore ,,, this pain is killing me ,,, i really really love her ,,, reason why i seach bout this site ,, im just desperate ,, hoping and believing in spell !!! pls help me ,, i wanna get back those days when we are happy !!! pls im begging !!!