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Original Post:
by: nun on Oct 10, 2008

i want to tell you 10 unknown things of the world that human kind couln't understant their reason more 2000 years!
1-one is the connect of mind and body and thier effects.
2-power of witch and miracles
3-near death experience
4-Ufo (unknown objects flying)
5-dgvoo or the power to remember things that are not happened yet.
6- 6th ghosts(ghosts who have not done their work perfectly in the world before dead)
7-disappieared things(specially in Bermooda)
8-6th sense and any thing related to them
9-big foot things.(they have seen in china and other countries.they are bigger than human with a lot of powers)
10-Taos rattles(taos is a city in usa that 2% of people in the city have heard a noise like the noise of a fly.)

be blessed