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Original Post:
by: S.Baron on Dec 14, 2018

If you already read my last post about energy work I mentioned I would share how to create a Godhead using the elemental method. Your Godhead is just your Patron, its not a specific kind of God/Goddess its just the one you have a awesome connection with. Before you begin this if your working with my instructions on energy you should be well advanced in the first procedure before trying this one. However if you feel your ready lets start with why you should want a Godhead connection.

The connection is a constant visualization of your spirit/God's symbol hanging over your head. Its basically "YOUR" symbol of divinity, its just something you can give purpose to that empowers your connection to the universe. For example my Godhead symbol is the Triple Goddess symbol, the reason I picked this is because I like the number three, I began my path as a Wiccan, and I still worship the female Goddess perspective, despite evolving into other studies. Your Godhead symbol shouldn't' just change, it defiantly needs consistency and stability regardless of your evolution in witchcraft.

Your symbol can be cast in a white light, but it can be whatever you want honestly, mine is blue for example. If I haven't stressed picking one and keeping it lets just stress it some more. When this connection is made and successful its an instant snap into the flow of energy, and with time you can access this with complete ease. In my last thread I gave instructions on how to establish a connection with the four elements, now we are going to focus on "Spirit". After all the elements are present and you wish to start on invoking the "Spirit" element you will proceed by facing towards your birth element (Libra=Air or Pisces=Water etc.).

Clear your thoughts and sit in the lotus position facing your birth element. Close your eyes and just let everything go. Feel the surrounding elements around you, like heart beats pulsing in your reality each giving off its own beat and power. Use the elements to forge your Godhead symbol, literally take your time and picture all the details in your mind. Allow the colors of the others come together above your head and create your symbol hovering perfectly. This is where you reach into the ground, let the element earth help you, use the same exercise as we did before. Grasp for the core in the earth and draw up energy through the channels, allow it to build and use your "roots" to extract the energy through your body, to the top of your head, and let it fill out towards your "Godhead Symbol" and let it fill it up. Now allow the energy to keep moving towards the universe, and let it fester, relax and breath it all in. When you bring it back down bring it through your "Symbol" but don't let it all escape keep some in the symbol, and add a little more over time. Ground and center yourself, make sure your eating healthy and keeping you head clear.

Magick takes time because your training your body and mind to connect with the flow of energy. Your only capable in magick what your are mentally and physically. Train yourself the right way nice and slow and learning to cast spells will be a thing of the past. You can infuse energy with different sounds and aroma's, there are loads you can do to understand energy on a small scale and work your way up. You know why candle magick is great for new people? Fire is energy and is knowingly enabled by the intent and upon being lit. An excited new witch holding a candle thinking about what they are going to cast can leave an imprint within the candle easily. Knowing how something works is not everything, sometimes its the mystery and excitement, and that's what you will find in "Spirit" when you establish your Godhead.