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Original Post:
by: Fenestra on Jul 17, 2017

[b]What does spirituality teach?[/b]

For many (if not most) people, upon hearing this question, all the traditional things of learning from Witchcraft, Magic, or Paganism come to mind. But what I want to highlight today with this text are all the other learning that spirituality brings us with time.

Many of us ended up approaching Witchcraft after a path started in the curiosity of our childhood. It pulsated in our memory, sometimes camouflaged in feelings, a certain nostalgia or admiration for things that we were too young in this life to know. But it was there. Memories of other lives or even an inexplicable connection with the culture of some areas. Identification with a style of clothing, a way of making music, objects, symbols or the language itself. We are indirectly cited in each of these connections.

At some point, we experience this reality. And of the curiosity, we end up also approaching several other things, people, and contents that speak more about everything that we like. In the mystical, esoteric contents or even in the contents of History we are mapping our way and treading our spiritual development. We give continuity to what we may have forgotten, or that is temporarily a little asleep. We are rescuing our wills, abilities, qualities, homesickness, and realities.

This path can be slow or fast, short or long, depending on each situation, but sooner or later it is always traveled. To the most attentive, life talks regularly. Everything we do or talk about and all the things we wrap ourselves around and cling to, generate a response from life. And there comes a time when you realize that by analyzing what you do and what life brings you back, there are clear correspondences. That is the conversation that life makes with us. And what does life teach?

[b]What does spirituality teach?[/b]

Listening to these responses from life to what we can guide us in any and every situation, regardless of which topic or sector we are dealing with. Countless things could be listed, but I will highlight only a few that seemed to me most vivid at the time I wrote this text.

[b]1. The theory does not replace practice.[/b]

You can read all the world's menus, but if you do not eat the dishes you will still not know them, and the worst, hungry. It is very common to see people being enchanted by everything that relates to the subject. That is a good thing, as long as you do not fall into the mistake of becoming an encyclopedia that knows everything and does nothing.

Knowledge is good, and it is even imperative for you to do certain things in practice. But on the other hand, life is waiting for many people to perform simple methods that although they are so simple, there are those who have never executed. I watch with sad expression an enormous amount of people who, although they believe in magic, have never devoted 10 minutes of their lives to perform a magical act. Or that they admire themselves with the opportunity to go to a fortune teller, but never have themselves become involved with some Oracle. How much do you believe?

I do not want to encourage you to be impulsive and quit doing anything unthinkingly. None of this. But, try to put into practice everything that you contemplate and, sure enough, your life will begin to transform. Many people say that they can not get results from the practices they do and I say with conviction that in most cases (if not all) what is lacking in the person is practice, it is a lack of validating what is supposedly believed. You need to put into action, train, strengthen your gifts. We all have capabilities, but if we do not develop, we become weak, atrophied, blocked and inefficient.

When we believe a lot and want, a mere glance becomes a spell, and any phrase will become enchantment. When we put ourselves in control of our mind, our energies and our reality, we become what we should never have ceased to be. If an action did not work, do it again. The greatest proof of this power are the archetypes, which can be constructed from scratch by successive repetitions. Observe nature. See what incredible sculptures the repetition of the wind can make into solid rocks. Already said the saying: Soft water, hard stone, both beats until it sticks. Nature has always been there to teach us. Open your eyes and start practicing.

[b]2. Be consistent with what you want.[/b]

I may seem boring to say this, but you must embrace that truth with maturity and courage. It is no use to replicate our desires if we are not compatible with what we want. I see people complaining about all sorts of problems, and when we look more closely at that person's life, we realize that all the bad things a person is going through are a precise harvest of everything she insists on planting. Let us be sincere here. It will not do any good to reap good things for your life if you plant hate, debauchery, violence, rancor, anger, prejudice, contempt. It is incoherent to want your problems to add up while you are feeding dense energies in your thoughts, in your words, in your actions, in your environment, in your work, in society, etc.

In my spiritual journey, I have always been much sought after by people, but especially by individuals who were already tired and discredited of everything. That is very common. Most people always leave to face and solve problems when everything has already degraded too much. And almost always the situation shows that they are addicted to wanting things incompatible with the type of person they are, according to their thoughts, words, actions, etc.

So if you have something that can be recommended in these cases, it is: review your conduct urgently. No one is better than you know how real your problems are. So start giving them their due and solve the only efficient way: stop wiping ice and solving the cause of problems.

Sometimes we need to be firmer and more direct to shake people up and make them see that if they do not change, nothing will change in their lives.

[b]3. Try to be genuinely free.[/b]

I have to admit that we all, to some degree, lose freedom. Somehow we're stuck with something. The world already holds us in many ways, making us live standards, rules, and limitations that do not add much to our lives. We are also mentally trapped in many ways behind the bars of fear, trauma, unhappiness, ingratitude, violence, and so many other things we do not even notice.

To be truly free, we must always re-evaluate things and allow ourselves to experience the moments in a new way, with our minds more and more open, with our thoughts always a step away from being transformed. Although we carry our certainties of what we have achieved by empiricism, we must always be flexible in understanding that everything that seems real to us can continue to be But gain new, broader or deeper interpretations.

That is very clear to me when I use the case of the archetypes to explain to some people that some things can be real and unreal at the same time depending on the point of view. And after all, what is the reality? If even the physical plane is the fruit of our consciousness if even the rules of third-dimensional physics can be broken and mocked, how can we expect it to be true? And, of course, they continue, in a sense, to be very real. But realize that it is all a matter of mental awareness of the meaning of things and not of things in themselves. When we reach this level of flexibility, I believe we are practicing a good approximation of our real freedom. The fewer things hold you to the rules, the freer you will be to overcome these rules, break them or even care less about it.

[b]Final Considerations[/b]

As I said, I could list a myriad of things, but it would make the text gigantic (more than it already is). For today, it is worth the summary that I take as a motto for my life: Less is more. Focus on things of value, on people of value, on things that add happiness, comfort, peace, wisdom. Hold on to what makes you well. And if that text helps you in any way, reward it by spreading it to other people. Prestige, plant, practice gratitude and help other people to help others. That is a powerful magic.