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Original Post:
by: EmAhlam on Aug 21, 2016

After much hesitation I've decided to ask someone, I'm new here and if I'm breaking any rules or posting in the wrong area I apologize in advance. This past year my marriage went through a rough patch, my husband went through some sort of mid life crisis aling with the 7 year itch, all while I was preoccupied with a newborn. He went out with a few women behind my back and one of them became a bit obsessive, yes I know I should have left but I didn't. Right around that time I began having strange dreams of a fish shaped parasite burrowing in my eye along with difficulty in concentration and anger problems. Ffwd a bit, there was a big blow out, nearly a divorce, he quits fooling around, and then we decided to work things out. I still felt like things were falling apart and was advised by my neighbor to say certain prayers in the food and blow in it, or to soak prayers in water and drink it. I did this and fed it to my husband, even to myself, things were temporarily mellowed out. I boiled it down to coincidence all while holding on to my anger and paranoia. About a month ago we had a small spat about something stupid, and I was boiling inside. He wanted me to make him 2 eggs over easy, so instead of praying in the food I did something else. While I was waiting for the skillet to heat I was furious and imagining him never forgiving himself for his adultery that never trust any other woman other than me. Once thought the skillet was hot enough I spit on it, watched sizzle away, poured a bit of olive oil, then broke 2 eggs inside and cooked the iver easy. Soon after that I thought how stupid and laughed it off. Then I had a few dreams of the brakes failing on his mid life crisis car he purchased last year, I was driving. The next week my pet fish suddenly died, he was well cared for. Then my husband begins to follow me around like a puppy sometimes. Soon after I actually wrecked his mid life crisis car, I haven't had an accident in the 20 years I've been driving. He loved that car and he didn't even care. After that he became even more attentive and moved from his man cave to the room where I normally spend my time. Today he tells me that he had a dream I was cheating on him, it's not like him to share things like this with me so it must have bothered him. Sorry for rambling but the details were necessary, and I just want to know what I did of anything, or perhaps it's my imagination. Thanks